Nigerians kill each other, drink urine

…in desperation to enter Europe.

A Narrated Ordeal By A Nigerian on his journey to Europe... in search of greener pasture.

READ THIS! This book is a MUST read for every man, woman, including youth in every household in Nigeria & across Africa who plans on travelling abroad in search of a 'greener pastures'.

Have you been planning to travel abroad?

Or you have the desire to study or work abroad?

Or maybe you have a brother, sister or loved one planning to travel abroad for the first time?

Then the book you’re about to download on this page right now, is the BEST thing you need to know about travelling abroad.

This book you are about to read have been officially endorsed in over 72 Countries across all Nigerian Embassies Worldwide, including United States of America;

Embassy of the Fed. Rep. of Nigeria

Accra (GHANA)
Nigerian High Commission


Addis-Ababa (ETHIOPIA)
Embassy of Nigeria


Agdat Rabat (MOROCCO)
Embassy of the Fed. Rep. of Nigeria


Algiers (ALGERIA)
Embassy of Nigeria


Consulate-General of Nigeria


Hong Kong (HONG KONG)
Commission of the Fed. Rep. of Nigeria


Canberra (AUSTRALIA)
Nigerian High Commission


Brasilia De (BRAZIL)
Embassy of the Fed. Rep. of Nigeria


Embassy of the Fed. Rep. of Nigeria


Nigerian High Commission

Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the United Nations,
828 Second Ave.,
New York, NY 10017,

All these Embassies have put their pen down and endorsed this book you’re about to read today.


So, give me 5 minutes and let me share with you how getting a copy of this book is your SECRET knowledge about travelling abroad, and also, the PROPER way.

Not only that, inside this book you will also DISCOVER;

  • How to Spot A Fake Travel Agent/Agency?
  • The Types of Documents You Need to Travel Abroad?
  • Specific Danger Signals to watch out for Before Travelling Abroad?
  • The Proper Procedures for Travelling Abroad for The First Time?
  • And most especially, How To Avoid The Traps that people Fall Into when they Want to Travel.

Read on..

My name is Comrade Osita Osemene.

And I co-authored this book Chasing A Mirage with Yvonne Awosanya-Adefajo.


It all happened this fateful morning..

A day I thought will be the best day of my life.

It was a brilliant morning, the sun was high, the sky was bright, and I was set to leave.

I was prepared to leave this country for good.

I felt a thrill that was bigger than the excitement that coursed through my veins during
my graduation.

The thrilling excitement down my spine was a greater surge than I felt during Christmas as a boy.

This was the beginning of the rest of my life, today was the day I travelled to Yankee!

I thought happily to myself.

Every Nigerian youth looked forward to going to Yankee, the common expressions used to describe the United Kingdom and America.

Jand or Yankee was every Nigerian youth’s proverbial paradise.

A land where the sun rays had the cooling effect of an air-conditioner; where the government listened to its people, and fulfilled all their wishes.

It was a place where life was easy, and jobs were in abundance.

It was not a land of frustration, but a land where dreams actually came true.

I could hardly believe it.

Finally, it was happening to me – I was janding! It's time to go to Yankee!


”Don’t pack too many things,” I had been advised.
“When you get to the UK, you’ll get rid of all these rags,
and get the real clothes you


As a Nigerian with high ambitions I decided to make every move I can to travel abroad, hopefully, I will MAKE IT in abroad, too.

Yes, I did leave Nigeria, but…

…things didn’t go as planned.

All my life, all I had ever wanted to do was travel out of Nigeria, and live a better life. I was the third in a family of six.

My father and mother were both retired teachers, and my father was also a clergyman.

I had had a modest upbringing, my parents had given us the best that they could – an education, a sound upbringing, and I looked forward to a time when I could finally take care of them as they grew older.

But I had gone out to the world with high hopes and aspirations, only to realize that the world was different.

Nigeria was a hard country to survive in, and I had virtually hustled all the way.

Two years fresh out of the university, and having served my country during Youth Service, I mused over how my country had refused to return the favour.

I remembered the hundreds of miles I had to walk to distribute copies of my resumé, and all to no avail.

Jobs in Nigeria were as scarce as water in a desert, and the very few jobs were given to people who were well connected, with long legs and friends in high places.

Unfortunately, I had neither, and I had joined the teeming, desperately seeking unemployed youth.

My preparation for this journey had started months ago, after I realised I was not going to get the job I had always wanted.

I need to start seeking other greener pastures.

How To Travel

My dream was to arrive, by my 30th birthday, in a country of freedom, and I had decided I would get there.

I knew of course that the streets of London were not paved with gold, but I would work hard.

I was a survivor, all through my life I always had a way of surviving, even when things were tough. This was not any different.

I have heard Nigerians traveled abroad with nothing but the clothes on their back, and they returned with cars, money and a fortune.

I had nothing to my name, no money, no job, but I had all I needed - my green ticket and a stamped entry – a chance to prove to the world that I had what it took.


I have heard Nigerians traveled abroad
with nothing but the clothes on
their back, and they returned
with cars, money and a fortune.”

If I put in half the work I had done in Nigeria into knocking on doors along the streets of London, I knew I’d make remarkable progress.

”You go late o! Time don go!” A voice jerked me back to reality. It was Andy.

I had been staring at the mirror, looking back at the reflection of a clean shaven athletic 5’9 built young man.

I was looking right into the face of a man who was about to travel abroad!

"I dey come, jare," I yelled back and I hurried out of my room.

Muritala Mohammed Airport, Credit: PM Newspaper

As I sat in the cab with my friends, Andy and Jimi, heading to Murtala Mohammed Airport, I stared at the

roads, in silence.

The taxi pulled to a stop as traffic built up ahead. I was saying goodbye to the only life I had ever known, about to embrace a new one, but I had no regrets whatsoever; I was not going to miss anything in this country.

What was there to miss?

In a country filled with hardship, what was there to miss?

In a country where you labor so hard, but at the end of the month your account balance does not reflect your hard work, what is there to miss?

A country where there is no job after submitting resume for years, what is there to miss?

I want to travel out.

I am on my way to Yankee!


I am already about to board the plane to Paradise.

But little did I know I'm about to face the most gruesome experience in my entire life.

Dear Reader,

Are you ready to learn from my story?

Are you ready to learn from my true-life story of travelling to Europe?


Chasing The Mirage:

The United Nations Embassy Endorsed Book You Must Read Before Travelling Abroad

Here’s part of what you will be learning in-depth inside this Book;

  • How to Spot A Fake Travel Agent/Agency?
    (A lot of people fall prey to this because they most times, are desperate to travel abroad)
  • The Types of Documents You Need to Travel Abroad?
  • Specific Danger Signals to watch out for Before Travelling Abroad?
  • The Proper Procedures for Travelling Abroad for The First Time?
  • How To Avoid te Traps that People Fall into when they Want to Travel

For every Nigerian youth that genuinely desires a better life, in the midst of a challenging environment and dwindling hopes and fortunes at home...

This book will also help you: 

  • What you should have known before traveling.
    (I regretted not knowing this, and it almost cost me life. And most people who do not know this are already dead in the Sub-sahara desert right now.)
  • Things to do before leaving the country for good.
    (I’ve always thought being born a Nigerian, and in Nigeria was the greatest mishap known to befall anyone when there were countries like America, and Australia etc.. But I was wrong.)
  • 8 Useful International Tips for FIRST-TIME travelers.
  • Insights on how you can "make it" in your home country.

Now, to be honest what do you believe and truly feel the information inside this book will be worth to you?

  1. 1
    If all this book did was save you from falling deep into the deep trap of Human traffickers, will it be worth it?
  2. 2
    If all this book did was show you Access to legit ways to travel abroad for school or work... will it be worth it?
  3. 3
    If all this book did was help you Avoid falling victim of traffickers who place adverts of fictitious job offers abroad and promises of easy visa... will it be worth it?
  4. 4
    If this book can save you from falling prey to the hazard that comes with travelling abroad, will it be worth it?
  5. 5
    If all this book did was help you Recognize 3 common traps predators employ for illegal migration and human trafficking... will it be worth it?




Maybe a couple more? 

But here’s the truth; you will be getting the downloadable PDF eBook today for just N2,000.

Yes, N2,000 only.

Considering the honest fact that it’s going to save you over 1.2million naira you would have spent if you had gotten scammed by fake agents.


So all you pay today is N2,000.


Here’s the reason why I’m giving all my experience to you for just N2,000.

2 Reasons;

Aside the fact that I didn’t write this book to make profit, I wrote it to save lives.

Every night when I go to bed, I could still hear the drumming, the wailing, weeping and the distant sweeping sound of sand as a desert storm began.

I heard the piercing screams from Nigerians dying in Libya & desert, it was starting all over again.

I want to put a stop to these.

And two, you are getting this book for just N2,000 because I don’t want you to go through the same near-death experience we went through.

The threat of jail at the Embassy airport & the near-death experience at the Ocean of Spain all in the name of “traveling abroad.”

I don’t want you to go through the same.

I don’t want you to lose your hard-earned savings to fraudulent and scam travel agents.

I don’t want any of your brothers, sisters or loved ones planning to travel abroad to lose their lives just because they have no idea what to expect on the other side, or how to avoid being a victim.

So I ask, if you get your copy today & it helped save you a lot, will the N2,000 be worth it?

What People Are Saying About This Book:

“Thank Your For  being alive to Share this story for us all to read.”

“Osita's experience as documented in this publication reveals the degree to which young Nigerians and indeed other youths from less developed economies can go to in their quest of “bettering their lives.”

Oyebisi Babatunde Oluseyi
- Executive Director, Nigeria Network of NGOs

“An insightful analysis into the dark world of irregular migration..."

 “...a well researched and insightful analysis into the dark world of irregular migration and human trafficking. A must read book for members of the civil society, travelers and the general public.”

Mr. Tony Luka Elumelu
- Former Head of Protocols Nigerian Immigration Service and Present Head of Migration Desk Ecowas Commission

“The Desert journey to overseas has led to nowhere and destroyed many."

“Remarkable! A heartfelt tragic experience of many Nigerians! The Desert journey to overseas has led to nowhere and destroyed many. Osita survived to rescue both life and human resources.”

Gladys Johnson
- Business World Newspaper

A Few More Testimonials From Nigerian Embassies

It is a good guide for potential victims travelling abroad."

“Osita has brilliantly told a true life story of his experience as a victim of human trafficking. This book has shed a powerful light into the world of human trafficking. It is a good guide for potential victims, parents and organisations within and across Africa.”

Charles Oshingbeme
- Management and Security Consultant

“A journey-to-and-return-from-hell which should be read by all..."

“Chasing a Mirage seems like a fictional story but it is indeed a real life and personal experience of the author’s ‘journey to and return from hell’ which should be read by all.”

Lekan Otufodunrin
- Editor, Online and Special Publications, The Nation Newspapers

So I ask again, if you get your copy today & it helped save you a lot, will the N2,000 be worth it?

So I want you to read my story.

I am on a mission to help people like you travel to any country of their choice, but using the PROPER channel and procedure.

So get my book today.

Let this book be your shield.

Let it guide you.

Let it guide your brother, your sister, uncle, aunt and that member of your family who is about to travel.

Let them read it.

Please, don’t ignore this. We knew what we I faced on the other side.

I DRANK my own urine, and we even begged women in the desert to let us drink their pee just so we can survive the trip in the desert.

I have been interviewed on Newspaper editorial because of this book.

I have been interviewed on Radio & popular TV Networks like Channel TV because of this book.

I am among the lucky few people alive today to tell their stories.

If I could rescue four people, and bring them back home, then just imagine what would happen if every Nigerian joins hands to stop this illegal and inhumane act, and stop the blood of our people from running freely in the desert.

This book is a MUST read.

I pray you make the right decision today.

May God be with you & Your loved ones about to travel abroad.

About the Authors

Comrade Osita Osemene

Comrade Osita Osemene is the founder and National President of Patriotic Citizen Initiatives, a non-governmental organisation.

His passion for humanity has been felt in his advocacy campaigns towards stranded Nigerians during the Libyan crisis, neglected Libyan returnees in Edo State, Nigeria, as well as his unending quest towards the welfare of Nigerians in Diaspora, especially those stranded in prisons and facing all kinds of dehumanizing acts across the world.

Comrade Osita Osemene is currently using his indepth experience in his 91 day journey through the Sahara desert to preach against youthful desperation, irregular migration, and trafficking of all sorts, and the quest of getting quick wealth outside the shores of Nigeria.


He is a graduate of Industrial Mathematics from the University of Benin, and he is happily married.

Yvonne Awosanya-Adefajo.

Yvonne Awosanya-Adefajo is a talented author and passionate storyteller with over two decades experience in writing and editing.

Her career began in 1999 when she won the Longman Publishers Creative Writing competition. She also participated in British Council’s Telling Stories Workshop and Crossing Borders correspondence writing course in 2003, and 2005 respectively.

She was also a participant of British Council’s ‘Telling Stories and Crossing Borders’ writers’ workshops in 2004 and 2006. She has scripted several television shows, and is a producer for Inspire Africa’s Moments with Mo and Naija Diamonds.

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