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Words In Motion Publishers (WiMo) first started as a personal hobby for the founders, Yemi and Yvonne Awosanya-Adefajo, aka Ym and Yv. But like every dream that grows beyond the singular capacity of its founders, the publishing house, over the last fifteen years has spread its nets into different waters, helping many authors create and publish their books.

Today, WiMo has expanded into a team of passionate and highly skilled creative professionals that help authors find their stories, and polish them into masterpieces.

What’s the drive of WiMo Publishers? It is simple: helping budding and established authors birth their books. This highly virtual working team is focused on delivering not only great content but also superb presentation.

A family-like team designed to make the book creation, publication and marketing processes a stress-free process, WiMo prides itself in efficiency, delivery, presentation and effective use of new technology in ensuring authors have a smooth journey. Find out more about the winning advantage here.

Ym & Yv have had more than three decades of combined experience in the media industry. Some of the organisations they have worked with include Ebonylife TV, BenTV, Lagos Television, to mention a few.

At WiMO Publishers, helping authors fish and tell their stories, their light and ideas is our goal. We are a call away!

Let’s help bring to life that idea you’ve been struggling… Let’s share in your dream, make it a reality. and put your dreams and words in motion!

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Book Fishing
Our entire process starts with a simple conversation about your decision to write and publish a book. We believe that a book is beyond just writing and the fruition of your idea. It begins from a visionary assessment of WHY, WHO, WHEN, WHAT, WHERE and the HOW for your book.
Content Mining
Every great book starts with great content! Content is built over years of experience, and like precious elements, they can remain raw unless they are tapped, and processed. We have a process that works despite busy work schedules and timelines, to ensure that you identify and plug content leaks.
We are committed to ensuring that all our authors are the true owners of the content of their books. We don’t plagiarize. Whatever state your content comes, be assured that writing process will bring our the book in it. No matter how busy your schedule, we collect your content.
All our finished books ends with pdf and epub formats. This is positioned to enable authors immediately begin to push sales as e-copies. All our books are primarily introduced to the world as e-copies.
Book Promotion
Our book promotions service begins its positioning from the very first moment we had our discussion with you on the book. This understanding is reflected in the entire process of the book.
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We are a technologically driven company, providing communication solutions through helping brands (Corporate and Individual) tell their stories across various platforms.