Doing The Impossible

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Doing The Impossible is a guide book to a higher level in an era of power. In the pages of this book are practical insights and helpful principles to help you:

  • Unlock, open and walk through the 4 doors to higher levels of authority
  • Develop a crystal clear sense of who you were born to be, how to get there, and most importantly, how you can make the most of it
  • Command a higher level of authority with every word you say and every action you take
  • Develop your unique strategy for unshakeable self-confidence and victorious living
  • Take a lion stride from victorious living to triumphant living
  • And more.

Yes! You too can do the impossible. Doing The Impossible is a highly acclaimed book whose principles have already helped many around the world to do the impossible. Its philosophy is based on the prototype that God gave us in the supernatural lifestyle of the first man, Adam and the holistic profiles of other men and women who did the impossible in their days.

Notable author and speaker, Ayo Lawal has woven rich nuggets of God’s inexplanable wisdom and unlimited power into Doing The Impossible to help you:

  1. Rub mind with God with Whom “all things are possible.”
  2. Rub mind with men who have done the impossible.
  3. Live a life of limitless possibilities.


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